So this is a quick one for those of you following the Management-Pack-for-vRealize-Orchestration-Guide-v2.0.pdf to configure the solution.

If you do not use vRO in your environment and will use it exclusively with vRops, you will need to follow section “Add a vCenter Instance to vRealize Orchestrator”… now after following the instructions you might notice that the vRO actions are still not visible on resources in the GUI, this is likely an issue due to “Session Per User” box being checked when you configured it.

To check login to the vRO client and navigate to XXX, you will see the “(unusable: java.lang.ClassCastException: com.vmware.vcac.authentication.http.spring.oauth2.OAuthToken cannot be cast to com.vmware.vim.sso.client.SamlToken” under the

If you are facing this issue, the solution is to remove the vCenter from vRO and add it again without “Session Per User” selected.

So to remove it in the vRO Client GUI navigate to the workflow below and run it.

Add it again via the GUI without, it should now look like this in the vRO Client GUI

and you should now see the actions listed in the vRops GUI.

hope this was helpful