Update: vRops 8.2 still works!

So this next post is an update to my original post around enabling automation for the “deleted snapshot” action in vRops 7.5… but to be honest it’s universal and not specific to the “deleted snapshot” action.

So as of vRops 8.0 VMware changed the automation config describe from /usr/lib/vmware-vcops/user/plugins/inbound/PythonRemediationVcenterAdapter3/conf to /usr/lib/vmware-vcops/user/plugins/inbound/vmwarevi_adapter3/conf (Thanks Kim from vmusketeers.com for letting me know.)

So basically it’s all the same except for the file which needs to be updated, so make sure to check out the original post but update the new describe.xml

I have tested this on vRops 8.1.0 (15972145)

Modify from none to context

Then run the redescribe as mentioned in the previous post, go into the policy you can now enable automation!

Mmmmm… things that you are not supposed to do but can, love it.

Hope it was helpful