So it’s been a while since my last post, I’m still alive!! It’s been a busy 17 months for my family, after getting stuck trying to relocate back to Australia from Europe during the Covid19 lockdown, changing jobs and all the stuff that comes with it doesn’t give one much time to blog but that’s all about to change.

In this post I will show you how to enrol Telegraf agents via the suite-api using Powershell, I will also provide the vRops role with the minimum set of permissions required to trigger the install.

To trigger the powershell script you need a vRops user with the correct permissions, I have created a local user in vRops called telegrafenrol and I am using the local Administrator on the VM (but it can also be a domain / LDAP user)

.\vRopsTelegrafEnrol.ps1 -vRopsAddress '' -vRopsUser 'telegrafenrol' -vRopsPassword 'vRopsPassword@123!' -VMName 'winsrv999' -VMUser 'Administrator' -VMPass 'VMPassword@123!'
Script output looks like ^

While the script is running you will see “Install in Progress“, it will actually take for the “Collection status” in vRops to go green before it completes as “Finished

Above will be “Finalizing
Above the script will show up as “Finished

If you want you can also check the “Recent Tasks” under the vRops Administration area for the status of the install

The user will need the role provided and the scope will be vCenter and vRealize Application Management Pack

The script can be found here

The role can be found here

I hope you found this helpful.