To the Vembu users / Windows admins in the world! … and for those of you that have not used Vembu check out their site, they recently announced reasonable pricing for small businesses and it’s a nice backup solution for SME in my opinion!

So to cut to the chase here is my Vembu story… I was running similar backup solution from another provider, I wanted to upgrade to vSphere 6.7 right after it was released…. unfortunately there was no eta from that vendor on support other than Coming Soon! After some googling is when I discovered Vembu… to my surprise supported 6.7 early on!! so I loaded it up and started to test it in my environment…

It’s been a few months now and I find it a nice little solution… Its got a simple enough to use web interface, no need for a thick client and what I really like about it is the API, I am big on automation / monitoring so being able to manipulate it via the API is what got me hooked!

So whats the point of this post you ask?? Well below I provide an example of how to talk to the API, authenticate and query some data via Powershell to export it into a XLSX file. (For more detail on using the API check out this link)

So to start… create “C:\Vembu\Scripts”, within this folder create 2 more folders called “config” & “reports”

To use the script you will need to save / store the credentials of the account that will talk to Vembu server using Get-Credential, then export it to a file that will be loaded later using secure string etc…

As script will export directly to Excel you will also need to install the ImportExcel module by dfinke @ github

So once you have completed all the steps above you can use the script below which will export a report like this for your Vembu Server. (screens below too)

And here is the full script:

PS: It’s not all roses with Vembu…  one gripe I have is the phone home licensing… I run a tight ship and don’t use the Backup to Cloud Solution’s they offer so I wish there was a way around the phone home licensing as I lock down my environment with NSX’s DFW to limit access to everything, especially the interwebs!

Anyway hope you found this script / example useful, I plan on sharing some additional posts in the near future to provide some real world automation using the API and vRA \ vRO & vROPS.