This next post is for those of you which have been impacted by the NSX-V BFD PSOD bug from KB75224 and want to prevent it from ever being triggered again on purpose or by accident while still on 6.4.X

Below I will explain how to disable the API call from the NSX manager by changing the NSX manager config mapping file. I make the assumption that BFD is already disabled globally in the NSX manager… if not follow the instructions in KB75224 to disable it and as always perform this at your own risk… always check with GSS first!

Start off by backing up the NSX manager, SSH to the NSX manager as “admin”, follow the instructions here to gain root access.

mkdir /usr/appmgmt-webserver/webapps/ROOT/WEBINF/KB75224

cp /usr/appmgmt-webserver/webapps/ROOT/WEBINF/mapping.conf /usr/appmgmt-webserver/webapps/ROOT/WEBINF/KB75224/mapping.conf
vi /usr/appmgmt-webserver/webapps/ROOT/WEBINF/mapping.conf 

In VI search for /api/2.0/vdn/bfd/configuration/global and add an “I” to the beginning of the line so it should look like this: I /api/2.0/vdn/bfd/configuration/global when completed restart the NSX manager

/etc/init.d/app-mgmt restart

Wait for the NSX manager GUI to restart and to confirm that it has been disabled by performing a GET to from curl, postman, advanced rest client, etc…

If you get back a 404 not found you are in the clear.

Hope this was helpful