So you find yourself depending heavily on vRops to monitor your vRealize suite and need a solution other than LogInsight to monitor that vRops is still up and running? If so this next script is for you!!

Like most things I share on this blog the script is Powershell and is hosted on git so make sure to check out the latest version there but I will post the script below like usual…

So the idea of this script is for it to be run on a schedule, it checks the VIP, then the individual nodes: master, replica, data, remote collectors if it detects any issues it sends an email to the defined address.

The script will need the following folders / structure:

So this script doesn’t require any credentials to hit the vROPS API but will require credentials for SMTP should you require it… you will need to store the SMTP account details using the Get-Credential command / Export-Clixml by the user that will run the check on a schedule.

To run the script make sure to adapt the following line to your needs

Also make sure to find the smtp variables in the script below and adapt them to your server details.

Hope you found this helpful