Avert your eyes people, no fix for this one in the post… (yet) I just wanted to inform the community about a little bug / error with the syslog service on vSphere / ESXi 7 which I stumbled on.

I started a little thread over at the VMware community forums, between this blog post and that thread hopefully VMware will listen.

I tested this on vCenter 7.0.1 16858589 & ESXi 7.0.0 15843807

Error: A specified parameter was not correct: id

How to replicate? in the vCenter or ESXi GUI just try to stop the syslog service on a host. The GUI’s will generate an error, see below.


SSH onto the host and check the syslog service by running the command below and the following error is generated.

/usr/lib/vmware/vmsyslog/bin/vmsyslogd staus
Watchdog fork failed 28 (No space left on device)

The only way to stop the service is by killing it, not optimal but works.

ps -Cc|grep vmsyslogd

17375454  17375454  grep                  grep vmsyslogd
17275879  17275879  vmsyslogd             /bin/python /usr/lib/vmware/vmsyslog/bin/vmsyslogd.pyc start
17275878  17275878  wdog-17275879         /bin/python /usr/lib/vmware/vmsyslog/bin/vmsyslogd.pyc start

kill -9 17275878
kill -9 17275879

Thanks to @virtuallywired –> virtuallywired.io for testing it an confirming it on 7.0 and also on Update 1.

hope you found this helpful.