NSX Edge CPU usage Super Metric for vRops

Recently we migrated 1000’s of servers to multiple 4 vCPU ESG’s… after cutting over gateways from legacy physical devices we started to get 100% CPU usage alerts (ahhh!!) when SSHing to the edge we would only see 2-3% CPU usage being reported in the...

vRops – Custom Rest Notification Plugin

In this post I explain how to create an eclipse project out of pierrelx custom REST Notification plugin in case you need a slightly modified version of his plugin! I compared his code to the standard REST plugin and it appears he did what I am about to...

I made vExpert 2017 !!!

So I had some great news on the 8th of February arrive in my email, I am now recognised as a vExpert by VMware 🙂 For those who want to know more please visit VMware vExper 2017 Announcement vMan  

Random Update #1

So I havent been very active in the last few weeks… this is due to some personal and work stuff which poped up + I am studing for the VCP6-CMA. But hopefully I will be back in February with some cool stuff… vMab