The next report dumps all notifications, all alarms available in the environment and all the alarms that have been triggered into alerts still retained in vRops.

The report can be run against one or multiple vRops environments and will merge the results into one report.

So to the script..

So that I don’t keep being prompted for credentials I save the service account user and password with the powershell Get-Credential command.

Make sure to update the variables to match your environment / config.

$vRopsAddress : IP or DNS name of vRops environment to pull data from. (Single or array of vRops environments to target.)

$Creds : HOME is the name of the XML file to pull the credentials from IE: HOME.xml (make sure to store it in a sub-directory called config)

$Report : The file to output to.

Make sure to install otherwise the output will fail.

Note: if you have more than 5000 Resources per vRops environment you will need to adapt the script to loop through the multiple pages of suite-api results like I have done for Alerts.