This next post goes into the cool new almost hidden feature of vRops 7.5 metric correlation available in the “All Metrics” tab.

With the new correlation feature they have implemented 2 different options “All Self-metrics” which will correlate to other metrics on the same ResourceKind / Object and the 2nd “Selected metric of all peers” which should make metric comparison across multiple ResourceKinds faster.

In the first example I will start off with showing “All Self-metrics”, to start we need to select a metric… I have picked Disk I/O|Write Latency (ms) for one of my disk group’s….

Clicking the drop down on that metric chart you will now see “Correlation“, selecting “All Self-metrics” will result in correlated metrics from the specific Disk Group.

What you see below is that vRops has automagically populated additional metrics which it considers correlated, in this example I only have one additional listed but in some cases you can have multiple.

While this is useful to help point you in the right direction during troubleshooting…. my personal favourite is the 2nd option “Selected metric of all peers“.

So I start off by selecting a Capacity Disk for the selected Disk Group on the left hand side, then a metric of interest, in this case “vSAN|Performance|Guest Latency (μs)” then I go to the dropdown and select “Correlation” just like before but this time picking “Selected metric of all peers” instead.

What I immediately get is “vSAN|Performance|Guest Latency (μs)” for all the other Capacity Disks in that Disk Group for quick comparison!!!!! which honestly is great as previously you would need a view to do this or a hell lot of clicking in All Metrics.

Now while I find this very helpful and a step in the right direction I would like the ability to stack all the correlated metrics into a single chart with a single click (thanks @MichaelRyom for pointing out clicking the pin puts it into the chart list, make sure to check out his blog)

so yeah imagine when you have many more than 3 or a small screen!! it’s going to be crap to scroll down and the ability to change the unit of the chart. Wink wink, nudge nudge vRops Product Managers and Engineers see below… Single click selection / changing units in the charts would be very very nice.

So while “Selected metric of all peers” still doesn’t function how I would personally like it… it will already reduce the number of clicks required in “All Metrics” to build something similar.

Hope you found this helpful.