So the next script is something I built to pull metric, inventory and relationship data from vCenter on a regular basis using PowerCLI, I then extended the script to collect metrics from vRops once PowerCLI 6.3 Release 1 was available.

I borrowed get-stats2 function from lucd for the datastore metric collection as he did a great job on it and there is no point reinventing the wheel ūüôā

The way I use this script is to schedule it with a user that has read only access to the vCenter &/or vRops environment.

You will need to configure and add all the metrics in the MetricConfig.xml file that you wish to collect, I have already left some of the default stuff I collect as an example.. those of you familiar with get-stat will know what to specify in the <MetricName></MetricName> nodes.

In the PCLICollector.ps1 script make sure to update the path to the MetricConfig.xml file.

inside the MetricConfig.xml make sure to update the paths to¬†<ElementList></ElementList> which is used to load the list’s of hosts, vms (Elementlist_HOST.csv or¬†Elementlist_VM.csv), … for the real time metric collection.

You will also need to update all the output paths within <LocalSettings></LocalSettings>

If you wish to collect metrics in Real Time you will need to specify the list of machines within¬†Elementlist_HOST.csv or¬†Elementlist_VM.csv¬†file, I did this as my requirement was not to collect real time data for every object in vCenter¬†but only the ones I was troubleshooting… also note that you must update the¬†<Jobs></Jobs> section in the¬†MetricConfig.xml as it execute several power shell jobs to collect the¬†real time¬†data in¬†parallel….¬†you will need to adjust the number of jobs depending on the CPU capacity of your collector box.

I am not going to go over the script in this post as its 1108 lines long… ¬†just¬†run the script without parameters and you will get the instructions on how to use it.. if you have any questions please feel free to post them in the comments.


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Script Download: pclicollector