For those of you that use Infoblox and want to collect and monitor the usage, health and service status in vRops for alerting purposes this next post is for you…..

So I needed to monitor Infoblox service’s for state change IE: DNS and DHCP changing from WORKING to UNKNOWN etc…. along with the heap, db… etc usage of the appliance…. unfortunately I had no real way of doing it that fit my needs and as I use vRops heavily I thought why not build a fully automated solution that runs on a schedule and collects the data from the Infoblox API and pushes it into the vROPS API.

So a new AdapterKind called INFOBLOX will be created and then a related ResourceKind called InfoBloxNODE!

As you can see the servers are listed under in the inventory explorer!

After if you hit up the metrics and properties for the created objects / resources you will see the metrics and properties coming through regularly if you have it setup on a schedule. So then all you need to do is setup alerts based on your needs in vRops!

OK how to set this up / use it….

So that I don’t keep being prompted for credentials I save the service account user and password with the powershell Get-Credential command, you will need to do this once for infoblox and once for the vRops account if the service account cannot be used by both solutions.

To execute the script run:

And here it is! the full script in all its glory… all based on Powershell, I has to massage some of the data to take into account some messy stuff in the Infoblox API… as you will see below it doesn’t always make sense but as I was building it I ran into issues that needed me to tweak the data.

I have started using GITHUB to store the code for versioning, check it here