With each version of vRops things just get better and easier, with 7.5 super metrics are no exception… looks like in this version the team made super metrics even easier to create and manage with the wizard.

In the past you would have to create the super metric, once created assign it to the respective Resource Kinds and then enable the metric in the required policy all in separate steps / parts of the GUI…. This is all done in 1 single place now!!

Another nice little thing with the wizard is the preview of the metric which they have made much easier than the old method which was somewhat confusing for new users… not to mention if you accidentally clicked in the wrong place it would select the specific resource and update the formula with the specific Resource ID…. oh how annoying that was.

But hey, if you really need to or enjoy the punishment they still have the old method in the wizard.

Simple enough to add the resource kinds, you easily see your selection below the drop down.

And my personal favourite the policy selection!!

Personally I find this new wizard awesome as I am usually multitasking while creating super metrics… and today is no exception. 🙂

I usually I end up forgetting to assign the resource kind or more often than not enabling them in the policy!! only to remember after several hours when I thought the metric has been collecting for hours…